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Methane Mitigation
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HRT Construction is the leading Methane Mitigation applicator in Dallas Texas. 


. Brownfield Membranes

. Landfills

. Oil Vents

. Soil Contamination

. Pressure Relief Systems

. Vapor Mitigation




HRT Construction prides itself in providing professional, responsive and cost-effective services.  The services we provide can be vital to our client's fiscal health and to the physical well-being of the public. 


. Waterproofing

. Caulking 

. Sealers

. Membranes

. Sealants

Vapor Barriers
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HRT Construction is very knowledgeable and accomplished at managing your projects. Project safety, scheduling, value engineering and quality are always met. 


. Vapor Barriers

. Membrane Sealers

. Vent Pipe Systems

. VOC Systems



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